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Saturday Group Run Lululemon

We are meeting at Lululemon: 5021 W 117th St #3221, Leawood, KS 66211. Please note that this is a NEW address for Lululemon. It is now near Bravo in the Town Center strip NOT next to the Apple store. 

We have NOT arranged to meet inside with them for THIS run. That is upcoming! Our course is set up for 14 miles: Map HERE.

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6:30 AM06:30

Saturday Group Run


Meet at CoachAmyPT Clinic at 6:30 AM. This 20 mile run has two 10 mile legs on the IC trail, so there are two maps to study: 

Leg 1 

Leg 2

Home base water stop will also be the mile 10 water stop. CoachAmyPT clinic may not be open for bathrooms when you come through - if it is not, there are bathrooms in Roe Park which you will pass by on your way West. 


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5:30 PM17:30

Speedwork 1


Our first meet up for the spring session is at Shawnee Mission East HS track. The track and parking lot for the track is located behind the school (North side). Enter off of 75th street. Meet at the N side of the track.

Our first meet up entails run drills and a 1-mile time trial. Athletes should rest from running and strenuous cross training activities for 2 days prior to this time trial in order to get a most accurate reflection of current capabilities.

The purpose of this measurement is to aid Coach Amy in development of each athlete's individual speed workouts for the rest of the spring speedwork training session. 

Sometimes runners get mentally stressed out about this time trial. Try to remember that this is only for information gathering. There is no judgement or comparison to others. This is not a race; it is only an assessment.

Remember: Bring water and/or sport drink with you to speed work and a stopwatch or other timing device. 

Registration is closed! 

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