Run Friends

Make Friends in All Paces

Knowing your run buddies are waiting for you in the dark on a Saturday morning makes getting out of bed for a long run so much easier. RRKC runners support others regardless of experience level or speed. You will often see RRKC members out cheering their teammates of all paces at races, high-fiving at speed work and posting support for each other on social media.

Run Local 

Run Kansas City 

Group runs and speed sessions are held in KC Metro area including Brookside, Overland Park, Shawnee and Leawood. Saturday group run courses vary to improve strength, and to help avoid injury and mental burn-out. Distances range from 10-22 miles and reflect most fall and spring training schedules. Run as little as you like or as far as the course allows that day. Aid stations and maps provided.

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Prevent and treat injury with CoachAmyPT

Coach Amy is a licensed physical therapist specializing in running injury prevention and treatment. She is certified in Neurological Dry Needling and Active Release Technique, two highly sought after treatment for endurance athletes. She treats numerous local athletes including area runners, cyclists and triathletes.

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