Mark your Calendars!


August RRKC Saturday Long Runs start THIS Saturday. We are meeting in Brookside this month. Details and Maps will be up in Events shortly. Registration is open! 

Phoenix Rising - Fall session starts August 12th. New time: Thursdays 6:00 PM. Spots are limited. Registration open soon. 

Phoenix Core - (NEW) starts August 15th. Sundays 9:00 AM. Spots are limited. Registration open soon. 

Phoenix Speed - Fall session starts August 21st. Tuesdays 6:00 PM. Spots are limited. Registration open soon. 

Heat + Humidity Requires HYDRATION and Cooling Tricks

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Peeps! It's SO HOT! 

I've had a number of runners email recently with issues regarding slower paces, higher RPE's (rate of perceived exertion) and needing to walk or shorten distances due to heat and humidity. 

This is absolutely NORMAL and you are NOT alone. My average pace this Saturday was a good min slower than normal per mile and I spent a great deal of time at each aid station. Here is an article I wrote a few years back about Running in the Heat. Please heed the info. on Heat Illness. 

Let's expand on the tips with a few more details: 

Cooling Tricks: run through the sprinklers, pour water over your head, put ice in your bra or in your cap and/or a cube under your tongue. RRKC has 5 gallons of water and ice every 2 miles at aid stations. 

Fluids and Electrolytes: Do NOT skip these. Take at least 4 oz at each RRKC aid station. For runs on your own, choose routes with water fountains or gas stations so you can take advantage of some water for topical cooling and drinking. Wear a water bottle belt or carry a handheld water bottle: fill these with electrolytes that work with your gut. Examples are Gatorade or Nuun. 

Caps/Sunglass and Visors - blocking the sun from your face will make a world of difference.  And guess what? We are ordering some RRKC visors by BOCO with Miles on them :) Stay tuned. 

RRKC Introduces a Group Run Leader, Jennifer Wolf!

Jennifer Wolf - RRKC Full Time Run Lead

Jennifer Wolf - RRKC Full Time Run Lead

Peeps! We've got NEWS!

As you know, RRKC is supported by a team of volunteers: Howie creates our maps, Allison S. organizes our volunteer schedule, Amy S. fills in occasionally for run lead and Al, Amy S, Erica, Ethan, and Jen are aid station operators. We couldn't do it without their time and commitment and are so thankful to them for all they do! 

In the past year, Coach Amy became increasingly busy opening and operating her physical therapy clinic (CoachAmyPT) juggling triathlon training, coaching runners from all over the state of KS and MO and taking care of her family. Leading Saturday group runs is incredibly rewarding, but something that is increasingly challenging for her to manage on her own. 

So...drum roll please...ENTER a Run Leader: Jennifer Wolf (JJ). JJ is a self described, "crazy mother runner who's relationship with running is often 'complicated.'" She is passionate about running as well as the well being and success of other runners; she has proven her loyalty to RRKC over many years as a volunteer, advisor and runner and has a lot to offer in support of our RRKC peeps. 

This position of Full Time Run Lead is new to RRKC. JJ will make sure that everyone has checked in and has returned from the course safely and will come hunt you down if you don't! She will run with the group when her body lets her and probably take a few photos as she is an amateur photographer and videographer. 

So what is Coach Amy doing for RRKC? She is still operating RRKC behind the scenes, blogging, leading speed sessions, developing training plans and coaching. She will still be at the majority of group runs and will fill in for JJ as needed. 

This Saturday, June 16th, is JJ's first day as Run Lead so welcome her, high five her, smile and LISTEN to her. 

As always, your safety, success and happiness road running is of utmost importance to us. If you have any questions or concerns, please email Coach Amy at 

Summer Runnin' is Hot and Sticky but it's Mandatory!


Fall training starts NOW! Believe it or not, it's time to ramp up if you plan to run a fall race and summer running is mandatory for success in October and November. RRKC summer runs start THIS weekend, June 9th. Details will be in Events once Howie, our map expert, is done creating some new routes from the CoachAmyPT clinic, our start location for June. Registration for group runs is open for June - October. Go HERE

The official group race this fall is Tulsa Route 66. It does sell out, so if you are thinking about it, you may want to take the plunge and register soon. If you are interested in heading up the group trip travel arrangements, let Coach Amy know. We need help! 

We also have a small group heading out to Silver Falls for a trail race. This is a TRAIL race - in every sense of the word TRAIL. The half is a mix of paved and gravel, but the full includes technical back country and creek crossings. Both races have significant steep elevation challenges. 

If you are planning on this race, consider back to back Saturday road and Sunday trail runs. Coach Amy suggests you invest in a pair of trail running shoes and a hydration pack. Note, the marathon distance is not open to walkers and has a seven hour and 30 minute time limit. Expect that you will run about two to three minutes per mile slower on trail v.s. road. If this is your first trail race, plan on doing a shorter distance 10K or 10 mile trail race this summer as part of your training. The Summer Run Toto Run is a great one!

If you are planning on Silver Falls, please let Coach Amy know.

Update on Hospital Hill!

Peeps! Much to our dismay, we will not have an aid station this year. It is just one of those years where we don't have enough volunteer support. But no worries! We will try again next year. To all those running, remember to listen to your body and stay COOL! Word is that it is supposed to be slightly cooler than recent mornings and maybe a little rain but temps do climb up during the race. Pour water over your head and face at every aid station and adjust your pace accordingly. We do this for FUN so don't make yourself sick. See y'all next Saturday at Group Run. 

Hospital Hill Cheer Station

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Peeps! It's a busy year and we are down for the count on help. We need at LEAST three more volunteers available for our Get Lei'd Aid station. We need both supplies AND bodies. This is our last plea. If we don't have enough help, we will not be able to provide aid this year. We hope we can continue this fun tradition, but also understand that sometimes it just doesn't pan out and that's OK! If you can help, please email Coach Amy by Wednesday, May 30th so we can make our plans. 

Personalized Training for Fall Races


Success in Fall racing happens in the SUMMER! Training for fall races ideally begins in June. Coach Amy has only a few spots left for personalized running plans this Fall. To register: go HERE. Once registered, email Coach Amy or 

Please allow 2 weeks after you register for Coach Amy to develop your plan. 

Let's Get IT!



Phoenix Summer Strength Class - Registration is OPEN!


Eight weeks of endurance sport specific strengthening for your off season development. Content created by physical therapist and running coach, Amy Parkerson-Mitchell.  Classes led by former Jazzercise instructor, Jennifer Wolf. Great for runners, cyclists and triathletes! Must be age 18 yrs. or older. Class size is limited. This is an intermediate to advanced level class. Not recommended for beginners.

Tuesday nights at 6:00 PM, CoachAmyPT Clinic, June 12th - July 31st. Register HERE

May Time

Greg Shaw, Pat Ross and Melody Redburn. 

Greg Shaw, Pat Ross and Melody Redburn. 

We've had a crazy spring with lots of unforeseen challenges, but are picking ourselves up and back in the swing. For details on our group run this weekend go HERE

RRKC kicked off the spring racing season with a successful showing at RTP and Garmin half marathons as well as a blustery Brew to Brew. Our Colorado Marathon group dwindled down due to illness and life events getting in the way but Pat and Greg made the trip and both finished their races! 

This weekend Robyn is running with the cows and Courtney and Coach Amy are attempting their first Olympic Triathlons. 

We are deciding on our group trip this fall. We may have two! In the works: Silver Falls Marathon in Oregon and Tulsa. Stay tuned.

What's in June? We start up fall race training - yep already! Hospital Hill Cheer Squad is forming. Whose in??? Contact Coach Amy ASAP! Phoenix rises again in June on Tuesday nights with JJ returning to lead the class. Details TBA.

RRKC "Spring" to Summer News

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Summer? We never had Spring! You all have fought through cold, snow and wind like champs! So now what? 

Think of May as the last bit of training and taper for late spring races and RECOVERY. Recovery is IMPORTANT! and does NOT mean quit cold turkey and rest on your butt. It consists of lower volume with a gradual build in order to start fall training in June. If you need a recovery training plan for May, register NOW

Best way to recover is with friends! Registration for May Group Runs is open. and we have a NEW start location at Lulu Lemon, 119th Street.

We are wrapping up Spring with our annual Hospital Hill “Get Lai’d” aid station on Broadway. We need volunteers and cheerleaders! email Coach Amy to join us in cheering on KC area runners including our very own Howie as he comes back to the half marathon after a long hiatus. 

Our Fall group trip is the Portland Marathon/Half Marathon on October 6th. Details TBA. Discussions are happening on the RRKC FB Group Page. If you need an invite to this page, email Coach Amy

Fall race preparation happens in SUMMER! If you need a personalized plan for your fall race, reach out to Coach Amy NO LATER than mid May in order to receive your plan on time.

Build your volume with refreshing aid stations and your peeps; registration for June Group Runs is open. We have a new start location this June at Red Bridge Crows Coffee House.

Other summer stuff in the works: Phoenix strength will return to Tuesday nights in June. Details TBA. Interested peeps not currently in class, please email Coach Amy to get on waitlist. This class fills fast and is first open to current participants. Speed sessions will start back up in August. 

And lastly, the CO Marathon group trip is almost here. We wish the best to Pat, Kevin, Mo and Greg as they descend 26.2 and 13.1 miles in beautiful Fort Collins 🙂