Stinky Shoes!?

Stinky Shoes.jpg

Running shoes got the funk after a muddy, sweaty or rainy work out? Trail running or running in Mother Nature’s unpredictable elements can make for memorable and fun runs, but they often leave running shoes in need of some TLC. Follow these quick and simple tricks of the trade to dry them out, freshen them up, and get them ready for the next run.

  • Wash with a garden hose to remove excess mud or debris.

  • Loosen the laces and open the “mouth” of the shoe nice and wide.

  • Sprinkle baking soda generously inside of each shoe.

  • Crumple up old newspaper and shove several newspaper wads inside of each shoe.

  • Set the shoes outside in a sunny location to dry out, and bake out the stink.

Depending upon humidity and amount of sun, your shoes should be dry and ready to go for tomorrow's run.

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