Spring Pep In Your Step!


This week is the start of a new month. It's the beginning of spring, green grass, and rebirth.  If you haven't been feeling the Spring momentum, let’s change that! You CAN do it!

I have to tell myself this a lot! Coming home from a long day at work, I’m tired and emotional from the stress of LIFE. My advice as a coach and a fellow training friend: Take each day and each workout, ONE AT A TIME. Get dressed and ready, start the workout easy, and build into it. If you fall apart during the workout, that may be because you are sick or over trained. But usually by pushing through (this goes for my own training), I feel better afterwards!  

Those of you on taper, TRUST the training. Sometimes you feel great during taper. In that case hold yourself back this week. It may be tempting to go fast on your easy runs this week with those fresh legs, but you need to save it for race day! Most taper days, leave you feeling sluggish. Do not freak out! It's NORMAL. No amount of training is going to help you now - it will only hinder. Keep the pace and distances down as prescribed. And for goodness sakes, don't add anything new or different to workouts this week! 

Carbo load with “good for you” carbs on the front end of the week and taper that load down towards race day. Hydration is the key to absorbing carbs, so be sure to drink lots of water and electrolytes. 

Best of luck to those running a race this month!

And speaking of racing…It's time for our local KC area Rock the Parkway race! Please email Coach Amy (amy@coachamypt.com) if you’re racing RTP next weekend (4/13). We are making plans for meet up and warm up before the race. Stay tuned for details.