Coach Amy Across the Globe


I was pleased as punch to get a message from Michael in Germany telling me about his 5K training, “I’m now in the third week of your training plan and getting better and feel a bit stronger.  I just wanna say thanks, and I’ll keep going forward to reach my personal goals.”  

Hearing athlete’s stories about their training and race adventures is one of my favorite parts of coaching.  I was thrilled to learn that not only is Michael finding my training program helpful, but due to Garmin Coach's incredible reach I can help someone I've never even met and who lives so far away.  

“Congratulations, Michael, on reaching your third week of training!  I'm so pleased to hear that you're getting better and feeling stronger.  I know you can reach those goals.  Please keep me posted on your progress!”

It puts me over the moon with joy to hear how all of my Garmin Coach, CoachAmyPT patients, and Roadrunners of Kansas City athletes are doing.  Receiving updates not only helps keep me in the loop, it also creates a community of people when we share your stories in an effort to inspire and motivate each other.  Thank you, Michael, for reminding me how big of an impact a simple message can have. 

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