What You Really Need to Run


What do you really need to run? According to Guillermo Pineda Morales, a.k.a. Memo, all you need is two things: hard work and never giving up. Memo is one of the top 10 runners in the world in his age group. In preparation for last weekend’s New York Marathon, the New York Times featured his inspirational story and training method. The video is a must watch!


The video announcer says, “You know what Memo really believes in? Memo believes in running." I think it goes beyond that. I think he believes in himself. That’s the most powerful belief you can hold. 

I agree with Memo. It all comes down to hard work and never giving up. Memo can train and perform with a minimalist approach but some runners may need a little more guidance. Some of us need the support, accountability and motivation that comes from the metrics of our smart watches, a coach, a training plan, running buddies, group runs, and posting on social media. No matter what it is you need, believe in yourself, do the work and never give up!