Summer Runnin' is Hot and Sticky but it's Mandatory!


Fall training starts NOW! Believe it or not, it's time to ramp up if you plan to run a fall race and summer running is mandatory for success in October and November. RRKC summer runs start THIS weekend, June 9th. Details will be in Events once Howie, our map expert, is done creating some new routes from the CoachAmyPT clinic, our start location for June. Registration for group runs is open for June - October. Go HERE

The official group race this fall is Tulsa Route 66. It does sell out, so if you are thinking about it, you may want to take the plunge and register soon. If you are interested in heading up the group trip travel arrangements, let Coach Amy know. We need help! 

We also have a small group heading out to Silver Falls for a trail race. This is a TRAIL race - in every sense of the word TRAIL. The half is a mix of paved and gravel, but the full includes technical back country and creek crossings. Both races have significant steep elevation challenges. 

If you are planning on this race, consider back to back Saturday road and Sunday trail runs. Coach Amy suggests you invest in a pair of trail running shoes and a hydration pack. Note, the marathon distance is not open to walkers and has a seven hour and 30 minute time limit. Expect that you will run about two to three minutes per mile slower on trail v.s. road. If this is your first trail race, plan on doing a shorter distance 10K or 10 mile trail race this summer as part of your training. The Summer Run Toto Run is a great one!

If you are planning on Silver Falls, please let Coach Amy know.