Heat + Humidity Requires HYDRATION and Cooling Tricks

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Peeps! It's SO HOT! 

I've had a number of runners email recently with issues regarding slower paces, higher RPE's (rate of perceived exertion) and needing to walk or shorten distances due to heat and humidity. 

This is absolutely NORMAL and you are NOT alone. My average pace this Saturday was a good min slower than normal per mile and I spent a great deal of time at each aid station. Here is an article I wrote a few years back about Running in the Heat. Please heed the info. on Heat Illness. 

Let's expand on the tips with a few more details: 

Cooling Tricks: run through the sprinklers, pour water over your head, put ice in your bra or in your cap and/or a cube under your tongue. RRKC has 5 gallons of water and ice every 2 miles at aid stations. 

Fluids and Electrolytes: Do NOT skip these. Take at least 4 oz at each RRKC aid station. For runs on your own, choose routes with water fountains or gas stations so you can take advantage of some water for topical cooling and drinking. Wear a water bottle belt or carry a handheld water bottle: fill these with electrolytes that work with your gut. Examples are Gatorade or Nuun. 

Caps/Sunglass and Visors - blocking the sun from your face will make a world of difference.  And guess what? We are ordering some RRKC visors by BOCO with Miles on them :) Stay tuned.