RRKC Introduces a Group Run Leader, Jennifer Wolf!

Jennifer Wolf - RRKC Full Time Run Lead

Jennifer Wolf - RRKC Full Time Run Lead

Peeps! We've got NEWS!

As you know, RRKC is supported by a team of volunteers: Howie creates our maps, Allison S. organizes our volunteer schedule, Amy S. fills in occasionally for run lead and Al, Amy S, Erica, Ethan, and Jen are aid station operators. We couldn't do it without their time and commitment and are so thankful to them for all they do! 

In the past year, Coach Amy became increasingly busy opening and operating her physical therapy clinic (CoachAmyPT) juggling triathlon training, coaching runners from all over the state of KS and MO and taking care of her family. Leading Saturday group runs is incredibly rewarding, but something that is increasingly challenging for her to manage on her own. 

So...drum roll please...ENTER a Run Leader: Jennifer Wolf (JJ). JJ is a self described, "crazy mother runner who's relationship with running is often 'complicated.'" She is passionate about running as well as the well being and success of other runners; she has proven her loyalty to RRKC over many years as a volunteer, advisor and runner and has a lot to offer in support of our RRKC peeps. 

This position of Full Time Run Lead is new to RRKC. JJ will make sure that everyone has checked in and has returned from the course safely and will come hunt you down if you don't! She will run with the group when her body lets her and probably take a few photos as she is an amateur photographer and videographer. 

So what is Coach Amy doing for RRKC? She is still operating RRKC behind the scenes, blogging, leading speed sessions, developing training plans and coaching. She will still be at the majority of group runs and will fill in for JJ as needed. 

This Saturday, June 16th, is JJ's first day as Run Lead so welcome her, high five her, smile and LISTEN to her. 

As always, your safety, success and happiness road running is of utmost importance to us. If you have any questions or concerns, please email Coach Amy at info@roadrunnerskc.com.