RRKC "Spring" to Summer News

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Summer? We never had Spring! You all have fought through cold, snow and wind like champs! So now what? 

Think of May as the last bit of training and taper for late spring races and RECOVERY. Recovery is IMPORTANT! and does NOT mean quit cold turkey and rest on your butt. It consists of lower volume with a gradual build in order to start fall training in June. If you need a recovery training plan for May, register NOW

Best way to recover is with friends! Registration for May Group Runs is open. and we have a NEW start location at Lulu Lemon, 119th Street.

We are wrapping up Spring with our annual Hospital Hill “Get Lai’d” aid station on Broadway. We need volunteers and cheerleaders! email Coach Amy info@roadrunnerskc.com to join us in cheering on KC area runners including our very own Howie as he comes back to the half marathon after a long hiatus. 

Our Fall group trip is the Portland Marathon/Half Marathon on October 6th. Details TBA. Discussions are happening on the RRKC FB Group Page. If you need an invite to this page, email Coach Amy info@roadrunnerskc.com.

Fall race preparation happens in SUMMER! If you need a personalized plan for your fall race, reach out to Coach Amy info@roadrunnerskc.com NO LATER than mid May in order to receive your plan on time.

Build your volume with refreshing aid stations and your peeps; registration for June Group Runs is open. We have a new start location this June at Red Bridge Crows Coffee House.

Other summer stuff in the works: Phoenix strength will return to Tuesday nights in June. Details TBA. Interested peeps not currently in class, please email Coach Amy info@roadrunnerskc.com to get on waitlist. This class fills fast and is first open to current participants. Speed sessions will start back up in August. 

And lastly, the CO Marathon group trip is almost here. We wish the best to Pat, Kevin, Mo and Greg as they descend 26.2 and 13.1 miles in beautiful Fort Collins 🙂