Speed, Training and Saturday Group Run Updates!


Thank goodness, we have survived the hardest part of winter - we may have a few more bad weather days, but well done peeps! You've hung in!!! 

Registration for March Saturday Group Runs is OPEN. Our runs will start from Shawnee Mission North High School. Start times vary between 6:30 and 7:00 AM depending upon the planned distance. Details and maps will be posted in Events on website by Friday, March 2. Register HERE. 

Those wanting a personalized running program for Spring, please allow a few weeks for development of plan once purchased. Those with a current plan wanting an extension, program update should be available within a week. Register HERE. 

Registration for Spring Speedwork Session is at capacity and CLOSED. Participants will receive detailed information tonight! The next opportunity will be this Fall :) 

Updates on Phoenix coming SOON. 

Run ON peeps!