Evolution of RRKC Speedwork 2018 - Registration Open

The goal of speedwork for the endurance athlete is to improve efficiency. This is accomplished by challenging the neuromuscular system with run specific drills and teaching the body to run fatigued with a VARIETY of high intensity workouts. 

RRKC speed work has evolved over the last few years to center around this philosophy. This year we are going to cater even more so to each individual athlete’s goals so not everyone will be doing exactly the same workout. In order to provide personalized attention, speed sessions are limited to a handful of athletes. 

Speedwork is for anyone wanting to improve efficiency, form, run strength and speed. It isn’t limited to those trying to PR or qualify for Boston. 

Our spring session is significantly longer than past sessions. It is 12 weeks long and begins March 6th. Workouts will take into account taper and recovery from races, so even if your race falls in the last 1/3 of this session, you will still benefit.  

Due to the necessity for daylight our first meet up on March 6th will start at 5:30 PM. All other sessions start at 6:00PM. Details for workouts are posted on the Events Page of the RRKC website. 

Registration is open. Go HERE to register for speedwork Spring 2018.