Dress UP and Embrace the Cold!


It’s freaking cold out! It’s tempting to run indoors on the treadmill this time of year, but Coach Amy recommends running outdoors unless conditions are icy or the “feels like” effective temperature is below 0 degrees taking into account the windchill. Dressing properly makes running outdoors in the winter safer and more tolerable. The key is to layer. Here are some recommendations:

  • fleece lined running tights (or layer two pair)

  • wool socks

  • Hot Hands packets

  • run vest over long sleeve top and wind and water resistant jacket

  • fleece headband or cap 

  • neck gaiter

  • gloves with mitten cover that is wind and water resistant 

  • balaclava 

The first mile in really cold temps is tough, but if you are dressed properly you will feel much better once you’ve warmed up. Embrace the cold people. You CAN do it!