Battling Self Doubt

Today while running up a really long steep hill in the Ozarks in 98% humidity I asked myself, "If it's this hard and hurts this bad, how in the heck I am going to be able to run a half marathon in the Utah desert at elevation?"

We've all had these moments of self doubt. So what do we do when this negative talk starts?

We answer the question. And the answer is this: If it was easy and you could do it now, then what are you training for? It shouldn't be easy now. If it were easy to run 26.2 miles in the heat and humidity of a Kansas summer, then you wouldn't need to train for Chicago, or Philly or Pike's Peak Ascent or the Kansas City marathon or (fill in the blank). 

Just remember, training is that period of time that you are practicing, challenging the body to undergo changes, preparing for an event and reward at the end. It is going to take a lot of workouts and some of them, probably many, will feel bad. It's normal! 

You CAN do this and when you DO, you WILL be successful.