Roadrunners SWAG

Where are the t-shirts, sweatshirts and hats for RRKC? We are getting ready to swag you all over the place! 

We will be announcing orders for hats, headbands and visors soon. But before we go crazy, we wanted to give you a heads up because we are going to do t-shirts, tanks and sweatshirts differently than we have in the past.

So you can choose clothing that fits YOU with material YOU like, we are going to collect items that you purchase on your own. We can do this for shirts, tanks and sweatshirts ONLY. Notice there is a color qualification. T-shirts and tanks must be in light grey and sweatshirts must be in white. It's a bulk order/logo thing...believe me I've asked! 

One other keep the costs down, we need at least 24 tanks/tshirts for screen print. So if we are under, it may cost us a bit more per item. I will let you know BEFORE we print if that is the case. There is no minimum for the sweatshirts. 

Items are due to Coach Amy by Saturday morning, June 17th. 

For tshirts/tanks screen printing:

  • purchase your favorite race singlet, tank top, or t-shirt in light grey
  • submit your article(s) of clothing to Coach Amy with $20 per item by due date

For sweatshirts: 

  • purchase your favorite sweatshirt in white  
  • submit your sweatshirt(s) to Coach Amy with $12 per item by due date