It's Baaaaack! The BEST Run Specific Strength Training in Town

What is it? Phoenix Rising is an 8-week group class designed to help prevent injury and enhance full body strength for cycling, swimming and distance running. The format is similar to a bootcamp/circuit class and includes dynamic stretching warmup and cool down. 

Where is it? CoachAmyPT clinic 4573 Indian Creek Parkway

Who is the instructor? Coach Amy has many years of experience teaching strength classes, plus she's like a physical therapist or something, so she works with this every single day. She typically completes the circuit with you so you can't complain about the difficulty.

Teasing aside, all the exercises are modifiable depending upon your level, but keep in mind it is an Intermediate to Advanced level class.

When is it? Wednesday nights 6-7:00 PM June-July. 

Who is it for? It's for all the crazy endurance athletes in KC. Class size is small due to space restrictions and so that Coach Amy can keep an eye out on your form - she is a bit of stickler about that. 

How do I sign up? There are only 3 spots left! To sign up go > appointments and sign up for Phoenix Rising.