Personalized Coaching for Spring 2018 - Register NOW. Limited Spots Available.


Training for 2018 spring races starts in less than a month! This means that if you need a personalized training plan specifically designed for your current fitness level and goals, it is time to contact Coach Amy so that you have your plan in time to begin January 1st. 

Spots are limited. Because of the dynamic nature of the individualized training plans and ongoing communication with each runner throughout the training season, Coach Amy only works with a small group of athletes. 


  • Choose your spring race(s) and create goals.
  • Purchase training plan for all months January through to and include your race month HERE. Your plan will include a recovery schedule e.g. Rock the Parkway - purchase 4 mo. of plan Jan - April. 
  • After you have purchased your plan, email Coach Amy with dates of your races(s) and your personal goals for the season. These don't need to be finite - they are tweakable and Coach Amy will help you refine them. 

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