FREE RRKC December Groupie Runs - Bare Bones


Yay!!! Thank you to Mo and Jen! They have offered to lead some FREE (bare bones) 10 mile RRKC group runs from First Watch at 95th and Metcalf in December at 7:00 AM. Dates below. 

Please be aware there will be no coaching, no sign in sheet and no aid stations at home base. Bring your own sport drink or water for before/after the run. The run leads will be there at the start, but they may not be able to stay for all runners to finish.

RSVP the run lead at least one day in advance of a run so they can print off a map for you and  notify you if a run is cancelled. Runs will not be held if conditions are icy, there is excessive snow, or an effective temp below 0 degrees. 

We NEED volunteers to put out a gallon jug of water and some cups at mile 2 and 4. Please email the run lead ASAP if you are able to help on that day. 

Dec 2: RSVP to

Dec 9th and 16th: RSVP to

Dec 30th: RSVP to