Be Race Ready this Spring!

I know, I is cold, it is windy, it is dark. There are so many excuses not to run right now. But guess what? That spring race you signed up for, it is coming despite the weather and nothing feels worse than running a race untrained. It just sucks.

What doesn't suck? Training with friends. Roadrunners of Kansas City Saturday group runs are ongoing. In February, distances range from 10 miles to 18 miles and the start location for this month is Shawnee Mission North HS. Go to Events for details. Run anywhere from 2 miles up to the max course distance for that day. Membership for February - May 2017 is open. Register here.

Interested in picking up some speed? Winter Tuesday night speed sessions begin Feb 21 - March 28th. Register here.  

If you are hurting, now is the time to get in for an evaluation and treatment with Coach Amy. Chronic problems take longer to treat and usually require modification of your training plan. Early intervention can take as little as 1-3 treatments. Coach Amy PT is a boutique style physical therapy practice providing personalized 1:1 attention, quality, expert care specific to endurance athletes. For more information go to