Attention Endurance Nerds, PT Patients and Science Geeks!

Coach Amy of Coach Amy PT and Roadrunners of Kansas City is a closet journalism-major-dropper turned science geek, blogging about various physical therapy related topics at Coach Amy Says. Posts are educational, relevant to endurance athletes and physical therapy patients.

Posts are meant to be fun and hopefully not, but maybe sometimes, dry and boring. And they are meant to be shared to social media by her readers. Because an editor is not in the budget, there are a lot of grammar mistakes (see first sentence).

Coach Amy Says covers the latest scientific research like in the post, “Do Run Shoes Matter?” In her articles “What the BOSU?” and “What is Active Release Technique?”, she explains the mystery of various therapy (torture) techniques.

Informative blog topics include, “How to choose your Physical Therapist," “How to Ice Cup Massage” or “How to Safely Transition to a New Run Shoe.”

Posts also follow patients’ therapy experiences like this one: "PT Adventure Part I: Down and Out on the Slopes to Pre-surgery Rehab." In the future, Coach Amy will share updates on her private PT practice ventures and hopes to include guest bloggers. Stay tuned! 

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