RRKC Long Run Saturday August 6th


RRKC is off and running! We will be set up for a 10 mile run with a start time of 6:30 a.m.  on Saturday. Meet at Char Bar 4050 Pennsylvania Ave #150, Kansas City, MO 64111. If you need to squeeze in a few extra miles you can do so on this course by extending but it will not be marked beyond 5 miles out. If you need to add on more than two total, please plan to get it in before the group run starts. 

special congratulations to our map competition winner, Melody! She created a new course for us this season that met all the criteria for a group run which is NOT easy. Thank you also to Jen and Mo who submitted maps as well! 

We will be running Melody's course this weekend, but unfortunately she won't be there with us. Be sure to tell her how great it is when you see her next, or else! On a serious note, we would like feedback on the course. We do care what you think...but remember, KC is a hilly place - it can't be helped!

See you all bright and early on Saturday!