Hill Repeats v.s. Hills in a Race or Long Run

Hill repeats at RRKC speed work sessions are designed to strengthen key running muscles and improve running economy through improved stride rate/cadence. In a race or during long runs do not "attack" the hills as in repeat sessions.

Instead of running progressively faster towards a 5K pace at the top of the hill, work your effort on the hill, not your pace. The idea is to maintain the goal pace effort level up the hill as opposed to actual goal pace. It should feel like goal pace, but in actuality may be a little slower. Once at the top, you can resume goal pace. Same thing applies with the downhill. Run down hill at goal pace effort level. If you do, gravity will have you running faster than goal pace. 

Is attacking a hill here and there on a long run a bad idea? No! Go ahead! It's a different type of workout. It is less of a simulation of race day, but it can have a good training effect. Plan a little recovery and resume training pace at the top!