Speed Sessions Start THIS Tuesday, August 16th

photo courtesy of Jennifer Wolf

photo courtesy of Jennifer Wolf

Feeling the need for speed? Our first speed session starts at 6:30 p.m. Tuesday, August 16th at Roe Park. Bring your own water bottle/sports drink and timing device.

Our workout this week will consist of a warm-up, run specific strength training, running drills and a few intervals or time trial. Let us know by Monday morning if you are attending: info@roadrunnerskc.com. 

Important: If you don't know your interval goal pace, please contact Coach Amy by Monday with a recent race time in a 5K, half or full marathon info@roadrunnerskc.com so she can calculate it for you. Tuesday morning or at the speed session is too late! If you don't have recent race time we recommend an 800 or 1600m time trial at this week's interval session. 

See you there!