Long Run Deets for August 13th Run

We bumped up our run distance this weekend for your pleasure! Thanks to Allison, David and Howie we were able to extend our course to 14 miles. We are starting at Olathe Hyvee at 119th street at 6:30 a.m. If you need to run further than 14 miles, please plan to come early and get in as much as you can before the group starts. 

Know your goal this weekend! Is it to push your distance as you are on the long run climb? Is it to NOT linger at the water stops because you can't do that during a race? Maybe it is to run the middle 50% of your long run at goal pace as coach Amy suggests. Is is to enjoy your surroundings and your friends? Maybe it is all these things! 

Visualize your goal before your come to the run. The mind plays a big part in your success as runners and it needs a little training too. 

See you Saturday!