RRKC Fall 2016 Session Registration is OPEN

It's time for the fall 2016 session! We are excited to welcome our returning and our new members!

There are a few changes this season that are highlighted in your handbook. Please note the following:

  • Personalized training plans will be provided per request (see below) in lieu of common training plans.
  • RSVP's for Saturday long runs are needed by Friday morning before the run and need to include your planned distance. 
  • Walkers are welcome, but there is a time limit for the course. For more details, check the handbook.  
  • There is no group trip planned for this session.

When you are filling out the membership application, include whether or not you want a personalized training plan. If so, fill out the application thoroughly including your current total weekly mileage and your longest run in the past month as well as your goals. It is advisable to do this ASAP if you want your plan before the start of the first run. Including the necessary information will expedite this process. 

To Join Fall 2016 RRKC go HERE