Running with the Cows is THIS Saturday! The weather looks great. Nice and cool. Good luck o Allison and Greg. If anyone else is hopping into this race, please let us know ASAP info@roadrunnerskc.com

Last Long Run of the Spring Session. This Saturday at 6:30 a.m. at Foos. We will be set up for 10 miles. Coach Amy will not be able to stay for the entire run as her son's graduation party is in the morning! If you have questions for her, please ask before the run or e-mail info@roadrunnerskc.com. 

End of Season Party. We are in the midst of graduation parties, but are squaring away the details for our RRKC celebration. Stay tuned. 

Hospital Hill Half Marathon Cheer Station. Once again we are going to cheer the runners up Broadway hill handing out ice, oranges and other goodies. Erica Crist is organizing this for us. Please contact her if you interested in helping. Date is June 4th. 

RRKC Field Trip. Friday, June 17th SOJO Summerfest in the Woods. Pat's U2 tribute band Rattle and Hum is playing an hour set at 7:45 p.m. We will work out details soon.

Summer Runs. We are not going to have an official summer session this year. But we are planning to have some meet ups that are loosely organized. If you are interested, stay tuned to the website for details. 

Corporate Challenge Triathlon. Our very own David Mitchell and Melody Redburn are going to compete in this event on June 19th at Shawnee Mission Park. David has flagged our courses and worked behind the scenes for RRKC/Personal Best for many years. Come cheer him on in his first ever triathlon and Melody in her second one!