Step it up!

Step it up y'all. There is a lot going on in the coming weeks, so please read thoroughly! 

April 16th Long Run Changes

The group run on April 16th is up in the air. It is definite that the run location and distance will change from our original plan and it may be cancelled. Please stay tuned for details! All Hospital Hill half marathon racers, please e-mail Coach Amy ASAP with your planned distance that day based on your current training. 

Training this Week

Includes hill repeats on Tuesday night at 6:00 p.m. at the usual spot. RTP racers will not do speed work this week! You are welcome to join us that night and get a 3-4 miler in on the trails. 

Our long Saturday run is once again at Urban Table at 6:30 a.m. for a 16-mile course. This is the last "longer" run before Flying Pig. Please note, Coach Amy may be stepping out of the group run early to peek in on the RTP racers! If you are running relatively short and you'd like to join her to cheer, please e-mail her at 

Injury Management

Some of you are battling injury. It is par for the course. Most run coaches expect 35-50% of their runners to have some degree of injury per season. Sometimes the injury is severe enough to require time-off but many times it can be managed with tweaks to the training schedule, race plan adjustments and sometimes medical intervention such as PT. If you are having an issue that is not responding to a few days rest then contact Coach Amy ASAP 

RRKC at Brew to Brew this Sunday

Good luck to Mo, Greg, Melody, Erica and friends as they do the Brew tomorrow in more ways than one I am sure! Looking forward to pics of boys in sparkle. Go show them how it's done RRKC!

Good Luck at Rock the Parkway

Good luck to all of our runners racing on Saturday. Half marathon: Greg, Joel, Allison S., Amy S., Dave R., and the 5K: Melody. If we've not mentioned your name, please contact Coach Amy so we know to look for you.

Many of you are running the Heartland 39.3. Be sure to check the RRKC training schedule for that series as it takes into account your need for recovery between each half. 

Run Across America - We want YOU

OK peeps, we need MORE runners for this unique and fun event. Go here for details.  

Mark your calendars AHEAD

For an RRKC group event on June 17th. We are going to hang out at the Sojo Summerfest in the Woods. Our very own Pat Ross and his band, Rattle and Hum (which is soooo awesome) will be performing. Check out deets for that event here