Trust the Training and Trust in You

photograph by JJ

photograph by JJ

The Heartland Series kicked off the spring race season in Kansas City with Rock the Parkway last weekend. There are many races yet to come and some of you are getting the pre-race jitters. A healthy dose of nerves is good, but worry not! It is time to trust the training and believe in yourself.

You've gone the distance so you will finish. You've trained at pace, done the hill work, speed work and strengthening so you are ready to race at speed.

Circumstances may throw you a curveball on race day; it could be 95 degrees, you may contract a cold the week before or you may forget your favorite race socks! But know this, you will do the best you can that day because you've trained. Trust the training and trust yourself.

  • review your race goals (includes "to finish")
  • visualize your race (running relaxed)
  • visualize the course (drive it the day before if you can)
  • enjoy the taper (relax, rest and eat healthy)

 In the meantime enjoy this funny video:

And...good luck to our Garmin half marathon racers this weekend: Greg, Allison S, Dave R. and Michelle A. Go get em' RRKC!