RRKC is Running Across America!

Calling all RRKC runners current and past! We'd love for you to join us in our leg of Run Across America! RRKC is running one stage of this coast to coast race to help families and communities. Here are the details: 

  • The race distance is 9.5 miles (you can run a shorter portion)
  • Date is Wednesday, May 18th
  • Start time is around 9:20 PM (yes, PM).  Don't wimp out over the time! It's a once in a lifetime event.
  • Start location is at 143rd and Blackbob and will end at 143rd and State Line. The course is slightly different from that on the website.
  • No fund raising needed. But when you sign up it will ask you for a goal. Just pick a charity and a target. You will not be charged that amount. 
  • The race is $50.00 and includes a Run Across America t-shirt!

Join the United Relay Stage 251

Not interested in running? We could still use some drivers for water and travel support. Our goal is for 10 runners and 5 drivers! We are also looking for contacts in the media to share our event with the community. 

If you are planning to run with us, click on the link above to sign up for the race and let coach Amy know you are in. If you or a family member can help us with driving support or any other aspect of the race, please e-mail us at info@roadrunnerskc.com. 

Oh...and did I forget to mention? We will have some sort of theme...so maybe a costume will be in order. We will keep you posted. 

Let's Do This!