NOW is the Time

photo by JJ Wolf

photo by JJ Wolf

It can be difficult to step out in the cold and train for a race that is months away. But if you want to meet your goal, whether it's a PR or a healthy finish, you've got to put in the miles now and if your spring race is on the road, you need to train on the road, not the treadmill.

Tips on braving the cold: 

  • dress in layers that you can remove as you warm up.
  • invest in good outdoor running gear - you can find these in local running specialty stores and sporting good stores or on-line. Check out Brooks, Sugoi, Asics, Mizuno and Saucony.
  • hang in for that first mile - it takes about that long to warm-up.
  • grab a friend or join a run group like RRKC - they can be instrumental in holding you accountable and make the journey more enjoyable. 

It's  not too late to join Roadrunners of Kansas City spring training session! To join, click here. 

Good Luck and Happy Running!