Five things you can do to stay safe while running.

It's been in the media a lot lately. Several women abducted while running, even in their own neighborhood. Statistically most do not survive the attack. Running with a buddy isn't always feasible, so how can you stay safe? 

  1. Skip the headphones. You cannot hear if someone comes up on you. Almost all the women attacked while running were wearing headphones.
  2. Vary your routes. Do not be predictable.
  3. Carry your phone with you. You can call police if you see something suspicious. 
  4. Inform someone you trust before you head out on your run. Share with them your planned route and when you expect to be back. If you are not back an hour after you planned and they cannot reach you, they should call the police. Be sure you have your phone on you so you can contact that person if your route, distance or timeline has changed.
  5. Carry mace or pepper spray and know how to use it.