Jennifer Curtis Returns to Running Post Baby and Back Injury

Jennifer Jogging with Baby Laurel Rose 

Jennifer Jogging with Baby Laurel Rose 

Returning to running post pregnancy is no easy feat. There are lifestyle and physical changes after giving birth and these can make it an extra challenge to get back on the road again.

Sleepless nights, fluctuating hormones and a new schedule can wreak havoc on the best intentions to get up early for a run. 

During pregnancy, hormones cause ligaments to relax for the birthing process and abdominal muscles get stretched with a growing belly. These things can lead to instability of the lumbar spine and pelvis which in turn can lead to back injury and pain. 

Strengthening and a gradual return to sport and pre-pregnancy activities is important to prevent injury and maximize success. 

Jennifer is a great success story. She battled back injury and recently completed the KC half marathon, her first race after pregnancy just as her beautiful baby Laurel Rose celebrated her first birthday. 

Congratulations Jennifer and welcome back to the wonderful world of running!