How to recover from your race and stay in run shape over the holidays.

After you've completed your race it is tempting to sit on the couch and bask in the glory of a hard earned season and slip right into the holidays eating pie and cookies. But this will make for a rough January when you realize you are out of shape and lost the base mileage you need for spring race training. It is especially difficult to make a comeback in the freezing cold. 

The best way to recover from your race(s) and stay in shape over the holiday season is to gradually work back up to your base and maintain it through the months of November and December. Training for early spring races begins in earnest at the beginning of January with increasing mileage and speed work starts in February. 

To help you stay accountable and meet your off season goals, RRKC now offers group runs throughout the year with an affordable monthly membership. 

Registration is now open for November - December 2016. Courses will be 10 miles, Saturdays at 7:00AM. Location TBA.

  • November 5, 12 and 19th. No run on Thanksgiving weekend. 
  • December 3, 10 and 17. No runs on Christmas and New Years weekends.
  • Run Lit Thursday December 8th (time and distance TBD) 

Register here for monthly group run membership. 

Need a personalized training plan during this recovery period? Coach Amy can personalize a plan just for you. Contact Coach Amy to determine the length of plan needed for your current goals before purchasing.