Mileage Goals for RRKC Spring 2016 Races

To be best prepared for spring racing, most intermediate runners should be running at least 15-20* miles per week for half marathon and 30-35* miles per week for full marathon by the start of spring training on January 30th. For the first run of the training session on Jan. 30th, you should be prepared to run a long training run distance* of at least: 

  • Pig Full/Half: 12-14/6-7 miles
  • Lucky: 8-10 miles
  • Heartland Series, Rock the Parkway and Garmin: 6-8 miles
  • Running with the Cows and Hospital Hill: 4-6 miles

*These numbers are approximate and are flexible depending upon your race schedule (recovery, early v.s. late spring race), personal goals, experience level, injury history etc. Members with questions, please contact Coach Amy