Meet RRKC Runner of the Month: Erica Crist

Erica Crist with a Half Marathon PR in Richmond, Virginia 

Erica Crist with a Half Marathon PR in Richmond, Virginia 

Meet Erica Crist! Erica is one of RRKC's invaluable water stop volunteers. When she isn’t running she is busy teaching art at Mill Valley High school where she is helping students develop critical intention in their work.

Erica’s favorite thing about RRKC is the camaraderie. “Everyone is positive and encourages each other. I’ve made good friends…love going on group trips…and love the way RRKC supports the local running community.” 

One of the funniest moments Erica experienced during a race was when Greg provided her with a special carbohydrate drink (a Guinness), at mile eleven during Hospital Hill. She also fondly remembers going to Goodwill in Richmond to purchase an “old lady robe” to stay warm before the race. 

Running is not just about racing for Erica. When she isn’t racing, Erica is usually out on the course cheering with one of her homemade signs or helping out with aid stations. Her passion to help doesn’t end there; she assisted RRKC with and attended every single one of our fundraising events for Team Action Healthy Kids this fall. She is a shining example of the great group of runners that make up RRKC.