Run People...Run!

Group Run Tomorrow!

Meet at CVS 95th and Nall at 7:00 AM. We will be set up for 10 miles. The mileage may be lower, but you are still pushing it a bit. Plan to run the middle 50% of your planned distance at race pace.

Good Luck Go Girls!

Those of you racing the Go Girl for a time on Sunday, should take Saturday off or run a nice easy 2-3 miler. Remember - if you push your race on Sunday, you need to recover next week with easy runs and cross training. 


We are supposed to have our group picture, but since it is a holiday weekend we may have a small showing. If so, we will put it off for another day. 


T-shirts and car decals are in! Coach Amy will pass them out at the beginning of the run. 

Speed Work

Hill repeats on Tuesday at 6:00 PM. Meet at the hill (Nall and Indian Creek Dr). Park along Indian Creek Dr. or in the parking lot just west of Nall near the soccer fields. You can walk under the bridge to get to our meet spot.