Time for a Little Speed Development

It's time for our speed sessions to start. We've built some base mileage and now we will begin putting the icing on the cake. We will talk about and focus on run form efficiency, do a wee bit of barefoot plyo and a smattering of interval repeats, one of which may be an 800m time trial if needed.

For the best training advice, please RSVP to Coach Amy by Monday afternoon if you plan to attend and include your most recent 5K time. If you don't have a recent 5K time and/or would like to have something more current, plan on doing an 800m time trial on Tuesday. 

Bring your own sport drink/water and REMEMBER our location change: Franklin Park. Meet at 6:00 PM. Check the website in case of inclement weather. High heat index, heavy rain or lightening will result in cancellation.