Goings on at RRKC

Scheduling Stuff

We will start the last three speed sessions of the fall session at 5:30 pm starting this week. This week is hill work. Those racing Chicago - no speed work this week.

We put off our group pic this weekend since we had so many members missing on Saturday. We will try to re-schedule. Stay tuned! 

The last speed work session for RRKC is Tuesday, Oct 20 and the last long run of the fall session is Oct 24th. Stay tuned for details about our FREE winter runs. 

End of session party! Details TBA. The most likely date is November 15th, so please pencil us in!

Upcoming Races 

Chicago is this weekend! We want to wish Amy S. and all those headed to the windy city a succesfull and enjoyable race! You are ready, now you get to enjoy the fruits of your labor. 

KC, the Indianapolis and NYC marathons are up next. Here is a fun breakdown of the NYC marathon by Bart Yasso with some helpful tips.