Last Long Run of the Fall Session!

JJ adds just a wee bit more to her 22 mile run for this camera opp! 

JJ adds just a wee bit more to her 22 mile run for this camera opp! 

Wow! Last run of the fall 2015 session. Hard to believe we started at the beginning of August in 95 degrees of pea soup and here we all are...recovering from successful races or in the process of tapering. I am so proud of all of you! Meet at 7:00 AM Sport and Spine this Saturday. We will be set up for 10 miles.

Those in recovery from last weekend's race- don't push it. The range is 4-6 miles. Four miles for those who are beginners, battle chronic or frequent injury or are still feeling soreness. Regardless, pace is EASY! What you do this weekend and during recovery makes a big difference towards your long term training. 

Those tapering... It will be tempting to run this one fast as you are relatively rested, have some nervous energy for the upcoming race, the weather is cool and you are trained to go that faster pace. And let's face it - you want to make sure you still have it! However, you do not have time to recover from an all out 10 miler. Burning a fast 10 will hurt your race and in no way help it. All the training is over. This weekend is about maintaining endurance enzymes. You can push the middle 5 miles a bit into race pace to satisfy your jitters and that's it. 

Details about the end of season party are coming. As I've been saying for over a month to my poor family, "after NY, I'll do it AFTER NY."