Two happy ladies at intervals! 

Two happy ladies at intervals! 

Whoa! It is time! KC is tomorrow! Good luck to Mike B, Jen K, Jamie, Mo, and Danielle. And to my friends and patients who don't train with us who are also racing the streets of KC Amy L, Greg F, Aaaron and Scott - who is pacing the 3:30 marathon! Also, wishing a great race for Brett who runs DesMoines half on Sunday. Go get it runners! 

For those still in training, we are closing in! This weekend starts our taper in earnest. We are set up for 16 miles this weekend. Meet at Foos 6:30 AM. This is a KEY run. It is important for its distance but also it's quality. There is not ample time to recover from it if you run the full 16 at your goal race pace. The goal is to run the middle 8 miles at race pace and the rest 1 min - 1.5 min/mile slower.

IF you are nursing small little niggling injuries or you have not been getting in consistent 20's with us this fall, then you may consider running a slightly shorter distance of 14 miles. If you need help deciding, please touch base with Coach Amy. 

The rest of the week we are enjoying a total weekly mileage decrease of about 75%. We have one more speed session on Tuesday night at 5:30 pm. This is also key to maintaining sharpness and keeping your body set on race pace.