What you should be up to this week!

Racers: It's taper time! Woohoo! You may have a few short, easy runs that feel a little slow or sluggish. That is normal. Don't worry.  Trust the training and resist the urge to go for a hard or long run. You are ready! Focus this week on staying healthy - wash your hands, eat well and get adequate sleep.

Those still in training for upcoming races:  As long as you are injury free, keep up with the training plan and its intensity. Running on tired legs is part of it, but you shouldn't have pain or a series of sluggish runs. Contact Coach Amy if you are having issues with either of these things or if you have questions. Focus on clean runs with good form this week! 

Those who raced this weekend: First, congratulations. Stay tuned, we will post our podium news soon. Focus on recovering: good nutrition, keep moving and ROLL . You should have a post race recovery training schedule. If not, contact Coach Amy ASAP.