PB Update

Mireya Corporate Challenge 5K 
This Weekend Long Run
PB spring session is winding down! We have three group runs left before the end of the season and the start of the free summer run session. We will be set up for 12 miles this weekend at the Corner Bakery. Meet at 7:00 a.m. Hospital Hill runners, this is your last longer run. Strive for the mid 50% at goal pace.

Good Luck
Good luck to Doug at the Corporate Challenge half marathon and Mary at the Denver marathon and JJ if she decides to run the Scout Half. We wish you all a successful and joyous run! Remember, it's not JUST about speed.

Hospital Hill
Area runners love our enthusiastic support, our oranges and Twizzlers and if it's hot, they really like the ice at our unofficial Broadway Hill aid station. Please contact Allison if you are available to help out and/or donate items: ablanchard322@gmail.com.

End of Season Party
We are still making plans for this one! Details TBA.