What's UP PB?

Saturday Run
Meet at Foos at 7:00 a.m. We WILL be set up for 14 miles, no need to RSVP after all.

PB Podium

Congrats to all our RTP finishers! PB had a large contingent to represent! Allison completed her first half since baby James arrived and Amanda made her goal of breaking 2 hours. Greg surprised himself with his time proving that yes, less training can be more!

Ethan made a wise decision to start at the beginning of Wave B which opened the road for him to move quickly and catch up and passing the 1:45 pace group, finishing faster then he expected to do this season. Mary rocked out a speedy half and Pat, Dr. Jeff and Michelle A along with Mike C. who carved 6 min off his previous time on this course!

A shout out to my pals Carrie and Kelly completing the Boston marathon this week.

Congrats to Michelle A. and Mike C. on their completion of the Garmin half marathon last weekend, the second of the Heartland Series. Michelle finished in 2:03 and Mike skimmed 5 minutes of his previous time in this race. Holy smokes.

Good Luck
Wishing all our PB runners a successful and enjoyable race this weekend.
Mo, Pat and Kevin are on their way to Louisville for the Derby Half and Full Marathon! Dave R and his gal Katie are running the Nashville half marathon and Greg is going for his second half in La Jolla. Tyler and JJ a running the Illinois marathon in Champaign-Urbana! Go team.

Coach Amy wants to here from you! Send her an update kcrunning@hotmail.com. How are you doing this season? What are you goals for the rest of the season? Any training questions?

Race Pics
Send us your race pics and stats! We love to post and brag about you!