Goings on with PB this Week

JJ Diva Dash 5K
This week is the start of our hill repeats. Meet Tuesday at 5:30 p.m. IC and Nall on the trail near the bridge. Those running RTP - we will be doing sections of the trail with some little pick-ups - nothing heavy and no hills.

RTP runners - if you have not RSVP'd for Friday night dinner or to let us know you are racing, please notify us ASAP: kcrunning@hotmail.com. We will send out deets about dinner and a meet spot for Saturday morning pre-race group pic. Stay tuned!

A PB Podium note: A few weekends ago our very own JJ placed third in her age group with a 24.00 minute 5K at the Diva Dash. Way to go JJ! She says, guess listening to Coach Amy helps. Couldn't have gotten here without you :)