Like Totally, Thank You!

Let's Get Physical for Healthy Kids 2015
Like...Oh, My God! On behalf of the PB New York runners, Mike C., Allison S., Michelle A., Amanda, Greg, Mo, Dave R. and myself we have so many people to thank for making Personal Best's first ever fundraiser a success.

We raised $1,215.00 for Team Action for Healthy Kids on March 8th at our Let's Get Physical event. Woohoo! All three classes were a blast and well recieved. After the first class, several participants decided to stay and purchased more classes and raffle tickets. And afterwards, people were asking to be invited to future PB fundraising events!

Amy Stucky, photographer
Erica Crist, artist
Thank you to Amy Stucky for taking photos of our event and Erica Crist for putting together and painting an awesome photo booth backdrop and signs. Mireya Wirtz and Michelle Scott for hosting our nutritious banquet and participating in classes. Mireya also donated a much coveted $100.00 Target gift card. 

Thank you to David Mitchell for helping with tech and dealing with me for those long weeks leading up to the event. And Jamie for the all powerful margarita machine and finding us a yoga instructor. Oh! and, Nick Stoppel for being my low impact demonstrator for the sweat fest Footloose class. 

Class instructors, JJ and Coach Amy
And, you guys, a very special shout out to Jen Katheiser , who spent so much time and effort for this event. She created our invitations, our playlist, our videos and attended all three classes! And Jennifer Wolf - Miss Jazzercise... created a playlist and a 45 min. routine to teach our hip gyrating Flashdance class. Everyone loved it.
Amy L., costume winner, and Jen Katheiser
Thanks to Liz Wiedling for spreading the word about our event to her Red Ladies and donating a free swim lesson to the raffle prize stash and Jen Katheiser's hubby for convincing Olathe Toyota to donate $100.00 to our cause. We are grateful to Sport+Spine for the use of the clinic AND for donating two free memberships to our raffle prizes as well. 

Totally Rad Footloose Class
Thanks to all our friends, family, my patients and PBers for your attendance. If you missed this totally awesome event, no worries! There are several more events coming this year as we work toward our goal of raising $24K for Action for Healthy Kids, so stay tuned...we hope to see you there!