Top 5 Running To Do's January 2015

Time to cross the road into 2015 and make your running commitments. Let PB and Coach Amy help. Here is a list to get you started with your running to do's:
  1. Run FREE with PB  
  2. Register for your spring races
  3. Set your Spring 2015 running goals 
  4. Strengthen run specific muscles 
  5. Join PB 2015 Spring Session 
Run FREE with PB.
Stay run fit during this gap between sessions. Free Saturday long runs are ongoing through Jan. 24th. Meet at Sport and Spine 7:00 a.m. Courses are set up for 10 miles. Contact Doug Stinson, free run coordinator, to be included on the e-mail list. This is important in case a run is cancelled due to inclement weather or illness.

Pick your Spring race(s).
Avoid rising race costs and register early. PB supported races this spring include: Rock the Parkway, Garmin, Boston, Kentucky Derby, Running with the Cows and Hospital Hill. Other races can be accommodated.

Set your Spring 2015 running goals.
Do you have a time goal? A distance goal? Perhaps you want to lose weight or stay healthy. If you need help setting your goals, contact Coach Amy. 

Strengthen run specific muscles.
This is key to improving your running fitness: increase your speed, running efficiency and help prevent injury. Now is the time to start. Group classes for runners are held at Sport and Spine and taught by Coach Amy. Running boot camp: Sunday nights 5:30-6:30 p.m. starting January 11th.
Barre classes: Wednesday nights 6:30-7:30 p.m. and Friday mornings 5:45-6:45 a.m.

Join PB 2015 Spring Session.
Our session kicks off on January 31st and ends May 30th. Membership includes coaching, training plans, weekly long runs and speed work sessions. Details TBA.