PB Speedwork has it Goin' On

Although running isn't just about speed, at some point in our running journey most of us start to care about it. For some it's to set a personal record. Others like to place in their age division or qualify for prestigious races.

The two key ingredients to improving endurance running speed are: running portions of your long run at goal race pace and the dreaded speedwork.

As challenging as speedwork is, the dividends are high and immediate. You will feel a difference in your next long run. Heck, sometimes you can even feel it during the cool down!

With speedwork, we are training the neuromuscular system (that connection between brain and muscle) to make it easier to run fast. We are also making amazing changes at the molecular level. These chances reduce how tired we feel when we are running at faster speeds. Who doesn't want that?

At PB we achieve speed by continually mixing up drills and workouts to build many neurological connections. Sessions may include a variety of different types of the following:
  • plyometric drills
  • run specific strengthening exercises
  • interval repeats 
  • fartleks 
  • hill repeats 
Speed sessions are included with membership. Not a member? Join Us.