Run like a...

Now is the time to strut your stuff. You've trained at race pace all season long. Your body knows what that feels like. You won't have to look at your watch or think about it. Your body will do it. Line up with your pace group if you need to, but trust that your body will kick it in. I know it will. So go out there and run like a [plug in your favorite term here]. I'm going to use BEAST.

Good luck PBers heading out to Longview: Jen and Mike and my patient Mary. Mo is already out in VA. Sherise, Erica and I are headed out tomorrow followed by Pat and Kevin. We are ready to represent KS runners in Richmond. Woot woot!  Michael, just ignore the cold and whip out another awesome half at Pilgrim Pacer.

I'm proud of all our PB runners, and my patients too, who have worked so hard all fall!