Saturday, Nov 1st Run

Tapering and recovering are the goals for our run this Saturday. Tapering and recovering are just as important as speed work, hill repeats, strengthening and long runs. This is the time when your body is "studying it's notes." You've given it all the information it needs, now it needs to assimilate it. This is also a time for it to repair microdamage to tissues.

Gobbler and NC Outerbanks, take it easy this week, period! Start carbo loading mid week and taper your loading as you approach the race.

Richmond, Pilgrim Pacer and Longview lake - the middle 50% of your distance is at goal pace. You should be running 8-10 miles. For speed this week, you are on your own. I recommend you do several 1-2 min. pick ups per mile for the middle 50% of your Tuesday run (5-6 miles).

Meet at Foos at 95th and Mission at 7:00 AM. The course will be set up for 10 miles. We have a new runner, Jeanette, joining us this weekend. Show her some PB love!

Also...heartfelt well wishes to Jennifer C. as she runs the NYC marathon this weekend and Dr. Jeff, Marc and Greg as they tackle the streets of Lawrence in the Kansas Half. Trust the training, make the most of it and ENJOY, for that is why we run isn't it?